Flint & Stone Blocks


Flint blocks are manufactured using a unique patented lightweight formula. The flint blocks are suitable for load bearing exterior walls and can be matched to blend in with specific landscapes. It is possible to lay the blocks in adverse weather conditions making them faster and more cost effective to install than traditional methods.


The flint blocks are delivered to site on pallets. Each block weighs around 17kg and is laid in the traditional method with a tight 5mm mortar bed. Once laid the blocks can be pointed as required. The finished product is very impressive and looks completely authentic. We can also incorporate natural stone into the blocks with different manufactured items including Arches and angles for gable ends and the design registered reveal blocks for windows and returns.



All blocks are created using knapped and unknapped stone laid in a random formation. The type of flint and stone can be matched to exact customer specification. Only natural materials are used and all materials are carefully chosen to create the look of a traditional hand-laid finish. The blocks are not mass produced as the finished face can only be hand laid. Angles, arches, reveals and other structures can be manufactured to the customers requirements.


The blocks come in the standard sizes listed below:

  • Full – 445mm long x 220mm high x 100mm deep
  • Half – 220mm long x 220mm high x 100mm deep
  • Three quarter – 330mm long x 220 high x 100mm deep
  • Quarter – 105mm long x 220mm high x 100mm deep
  • 6″ coursing – 445mm long x 145mm high x 100mm deep
  • 3″ coursing – 445mm long x 70mm high x 100mm deep


Knapped Field Flint

Knapped field flint is supplied in a brown and grey overall colour.


50/50 Mix

The 50/50 Mix of knapped and unknapped stone is generally made up of an equal amount of each flint, but can be adjusted accordingly.


Knapped Chalk

Knapped chalk offers a classic black and white coloured finish.


Cobble Stone

The cobble stone blocks feature a variety of colours, sizes and textures of pebble stones. The natural beauty of cobble stone offers a truly elegant look.



Murnhill blocks are a light coloured block offering a single colour with randomly picked stones.



Purbeck is a smooth flint with a light golden / grey finish which contrasts extremely well with modern brickwork.



Devon offers an assortment of colours for a natural and traditional cottage look.



York flint is light in colour and that is laid horizontally and close together.


Cottage Mix

Cottage mix is a traditional finish of unknapped and napped flint laid in a random manner giving an authentic cottage feel.