Pre-Fabricated Brick Slip / Stone & Rendered Chimneys

Brick slip Chimneys provide a cost effective and time saving way of adding a Chimney to any property. Our Chimneys are light weight easy to fit and use slips cut from the actual bricks from site, meaning that they are an exact match to the main structure.


Our Chimneys are supplied in one piece and constructed using either a GRP or Stainless Steel core fitted with bonded 25mm brick slips. We can supply Chimneys for all applications including Mid Ridge, Gable End, Mono Pitch, Flat Roof or any mixed combination and for almost any height and width requirement.


We can also supply pre rendered Chimneys that match the render being used on site or we can supply the Chimneys already meshed for on site rendering. Other options include stone, stone effect, GRC clad or even GRP Chimneys to suit most requirements.


Advantages include:


• Flexibility of design and sizes
• Zero Ozone depletion
• Bricks cut from bricks off site
• Lightweight
• Easy to fit
• Cost effective
• Can be used with a class 2 working flue
• Matches current street scene
• Delivered to site in one piece